Saulsbury's Commitment to HSE

Why safety is a core value

For over five decades, safety has been an integral part of everything we do. Our dedication to health, safety, and environment (HSE) has shaped our work and empowered our employees to perform at the highest level of safety and quality.

Every member of our team has the right, responsibility, and obligation to stop any activity that could put anyone at risk. Our clients benefit from both our safety record and commitment to excellence.

Saulsbury Safety Awards

Award-winning safety culture

  • Best Practices: Our company’s safe work systems are the result of successfully tested procedures from across the construction industry.
  • Environmental Protection: We strive to reduce or eliminate the adverse impact of our operations on the environment by minimizing and eliminating waste.
  • Reduced Costs: Our extensive safety program reduces customers’ labor costs and the expense of supervising and auditing their contractors’ safety practices with the added benefit of peace of mind.
  • Improved Compliance: Clients are assured OSHA’s safety management procedures, as well as other compliance standards, are enforced.
  • ISNetworld Safety Partnership: Through our partnership, we’re not only able to provide clients with the top subcontractors, but also select teams that value our safety culture.




Prompt reporting of ALL incidents, regardless of severity. Companywide communication of incidents, contributing factors, and lessons learned.​


Employee-first, effective Case Management (Medical Professionals on retainer, available 24/7)


Root Cause Analysis​; Systematic Cause Analysis Technique


Identify and Implement Corrective Actions – Share information

Saulsbury Services - Engineering


Prior to the start of each project, Saulsbury develops a site-specific Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental plan and an Emergency Action Plan. Each project is assigned a corporate HSE Manager responsible for conducting both team and independent audits to ensure we are employing the correct resources. Dedicated site safety leads and technicians are also assigned depending on the project’s needs. 

Emergency Action Plan

It is our responsibility to see that each employee on a Saulsbury project returns home safe and healthy each day. Therefore, our HSE Management team works in collaboration with the client to outfit a detailed Emergency Action Plan (EAP) specific to the project that includes environmental planning and potential regulatory inspections.

Each EAP includes the following:

  • Contact numbers
  • Site location and directions
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Hazard Weather Emergency Plan
  • Evacuation plans
  • Preferred means of reporting fire and emergencies​
  • Employee training specifics​
  • Detailed maps of the site​
  • Site alarm methods

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