Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Industry Overview

Saulsbury can support Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Carbon Capture & Sequestration projects as well as environmental improvement solutions for CO2 reduction. Saulsbury performs engineering, design, procurement, and construction using our own employees. Our work is primarily self-performed, but partnerships are also established for selective technologies and associated engineering to offer full EPC solutions as the technology integrator. Services include:

  • CCUS using various technologies for EPC solutions
  • Direct Air Capture (DAC) facilities EPC partnership consideration for future projects
  • Direct air capture facilities EPC partnership
  • Hydrogen and Carbon Capture facility EPC
  • Off-gas capture from existing client operations
  • CO2 injection and disposal well development
  • Methanation process (converting syngas to methane) partnership
  • Assistance with permitting and regulatory process



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